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Transform Your Landscape Beds with the Help of Lawn Care Cedar Rapids

Many homes and business establishments deal with different problems regarding their lawns and landscapes. Others simply look for ways on how to enhance the overall features of their yards. Lawn Care Cedar Rapids has the most talented specialists in yard maintenance and lawn care. Get a free estimate today.

Lawn Care Cedar Rapids

Welcome to the most trusted Cedar Rapids lawn care!

Lawn Care Cedar Rapids serves a variety of lawn care services. It is a locally owned company that has been giving happiness and peace of mind to the residents for several years. We want to help you take care of your landscape beds and make it a significant part of your home or business.

About Lawn Cedar Rapids

We specialize in different aspects of landscaping and lawn care in this city and its neighboring areas. We are dedicated to delivering exceptional service in weed control Cedar Rapids, lawn fertilization, and lawn treatment service.

We have been working with commercial and residential properties. Thanks to our expert crew partners, we go through every process in a smooth and simple manner. We answer questions and leverage our years of existence in this industry to effectively resolve any compaction and thatch problems. Our mission is to set your properties up to prosper in the future and save the environment at the same time.

Our mission is to establish a strong relationship with individuals, administrators and owners of local properties to provide the appropriate Cedar Rapids lawn care they need. This company has been a proud business partner of other companies that have the same commitment to offering simple and affordable solutions like us.

Our clients trust us for our competence when it comes to quality, price and customer care. We have the best team in the industry and we continue learning to give you better service from time to time.

If you want to hear more, it is our pleasure to communicate with you and assist you in every step of the way.

Why Choose Us?

Support and Beautify the Local Communities

Our company has been developed out of a strong desire to support and beautify the local communities. We handle lawn service Cedar Rapids such as lawn weed control. We also provide commercial grounds maintenance and yard maintenance services. Here are other reasons why we keep our relationships with repeat clients and loyal business partners for years:

Quality over Quantity

We know that in order to be successful in any field, a company should focus on quality, not only quantity. No matter how many projects we accept, they will be useless if we cannot focus on providing quality results. We estimate the appropriate time frame to complete the lawn service Cedar Rapids project if it is not too urgent.

Competitive Rate

Aside from quality, we make sure that our customers will give proper lawn maintenance Cedar Rapids at a good price. We offer reasonable price rates and we work seriously on each project regardless if it is small or a big one.

Scientific Approach

We perform scientific research as a basis of our actions before giving you our diagnosis. These scientific approaches help us ensure that the lawn collects proper nutrients. When it comes to using yard fertilizer, we use eco-friendly and pet-safe products. Our experts will regularly monitor the soil pH to guarantee optimal lawn health.

What To Expect

We are your one-stop shop for all your lawn care services Cedar Rapids. We give nothing but satisfaction after completing each project. From the management to the crews to the rest of the employees, we grow together and we constantly develop our knowledge and skills. This way, we will be consistently providing the best work quality and service.

As a fully insured and licensed irrigation contractor and a landscape horticulturist, we make sure that our business policies and processes are fair and simple

cedar rapids lawn care services

Our contact page provides all essential information you may need for inquiries or scheduling an appointment. We have phone numbers and an online form that will reach us out immediately.

We have assigned the best personnel in the customer care support team to answer your queries. As you type ‘lawn service near me’ or ‘cheap lawn service near me’, you will find our name in the list.

Feel free to tell us your preferred date and time to have onsite inspection for your landscape in your home or business property. Then, we will be able to distinguish the most appropriate action to take. Our team will explain all details clearly for you to understand very well.

Our Services

As our promise to a beautiful yard, we offer all kinds of lawn care services Cedar Rapids. We make sure that you will get a professional service and competitive rate for each job well done by our team.

cedar rapids lawn mowing

Lawn Mowing

Our primary job is to provide the best lawn mowing in Cedar Rapids. We will maintain it regularly by scheduled appointments. We also offer year-round commercial and residential mowing services. We suggest this type of lawn mowing Cedar Rapids to make sure that your lawns will stay healthy and beautiful year-round.

cedar rapids lawn edging


It all begins with asking yourself some questions such as “where can I find the best lawn care near me?” or “are there reliable lawn companies near me?” If you want a makeover to your landscape, you can rely on us. We will be happy to inform you regarding how we perform edging.

cedar rapids law aerating


Lawn aeration service is performed by lawn companies to quickly reverse all damages caused by outdoor lifestyles. Due to heavy activities, the soil compacts and produces thatch build up which causes severe damages. To get rid of this problem, we conduct professional lawn service Cedar Rapids that no other lawn care companies can do.

cedar rapids lawn thatching


Helping you manage thatching issues is a part of our expertise in turf care solutions and services. We have created lawn care Cedar Rapids IA programs as an extra help to obtain impressive results. We work on the projects in a safe and timely manner. We guarantee 100% satisfaction after every project.

cedar rapids lawn fertilizing


One of the most remarkable things that set us apart from other lawn fertilizer companies is that we use organic lawn fertilization in our Cedar Rapids lawn services. While we keep your lawn healthy and vibrant, your family and pets are safe. At the same time, we guarantee that this yard maintenance Cedar Rapids is environmentally-friendly.

cedar rapids lawn weeding and weed control

Weeding and Weed Control

Lawn mowing in Cedar Rapids does not guarantee that weeds will not grow anymore. If you do not have time and patience to get rid of the annoying weeds, we are happy to help. We can also conduct trimming bushes and shrubs if necessary. Let us know immediately by scheduling an appointment with us.

cedar rapids yard cleanup

Yard Cleanup

Our lawn mowing service Cedar Rapids involves clean-up of your existing landscape or hurricane cleanup. We will take away all debris and bring them to the recycling facility. If you want to get rid of dead plant materials, we are the right people to contact as well. We give free estimates.

cedar rapids lawn restoration

Lawn Restoration

One lawn service that our specialists perform for many years is lawn restoration. We got customized solutions that will keep your lawn fresh and healthy. We do not only focus on lawn mowing service, but we will fulfil our promise of giving regular scheduled maintenance at a very competitive price.

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About Cedar Rapids IA

As of 2020, Cedar Rapids has a total population of 135, 502. This is the second largest city located in Iowa and has a growing rate of 0.87 percent annually.

Cedar Rapids is one of the manufacturing leaders in the US and it has the biggest corn-processing in the world. As part of Linn County, it is recognized as a safe place to live. It offers the residents convenience and opportunities as this city is surrounded by parks, bars, and different business establishments. Furthermore, Cedar Rapids public schools are above average.

Here are five of the cities you will find around Cedar Rapids:

  • Iowa City IA
  • Marion IA
  • Muscatine IA
  • Coralville IA
  • Grinnell IA
  • Many other surrounding areas

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the importance of using organic fertilizers in lawn care?

Some lawn mowing companies use chemical fertilizers because they are the easiest solutions while organic fertilizers take action slowly. The main benefit of using an organic fertilizer is that they feed the lawns for a long time and it is safe to humans, animals and the environment. We use the safe option in all our Cedar Rapids lawn care services.

Do you require contracts?

No. You do not have to sign any contract from us. We will continue performing the regular treatments as scheduled until you tell us to stop or cancel the service.

How often do you treat the lawn in a year?

We have different lawn mowing service Cedar Rapids programs. However, the most effective and most popular one has eight treatments annually. We will customize the program to cater to your needs.

When can I get back on the law safely?

Once the lawn gets dry, it can be used as usual.

How do I pay for your lawn fertilizer service?

Our payment process is applicable to all types of lawn services we offer. Our specialists will leave an invoice after each service is accomplished. You can contact our office if you wish to pay using your credit card. You can visit our page for further details about other payment options for lawn mowing service Cedar Rapids.

Customer Testimonials

I was worried that I would not be able to find a yard service near me that offered cheap lawn mowing. Well, I am so lucky to meet an employee working for this company. I was very happy with the good price deals they offer. Look how healthy my lawn is! You are completely different from other lawn care companies near me! Thank you!

Just G.

Exceptional customer care support! They are the best lawn mowing service near me. I have inquired about lawn dethatching and lawn cutting service. They were so polite and professional.

Eric C.

I finally found great lawn maintenance near me. Thank you for the top-notch service. I have been looking for satisfactory lawn care services near me until I stumbled upon this page.

Holly R.

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Need a free quote for your lawn care needs? Request one from us today. We will help you give a good lawn maintenance solution at a price you can afford. We do not give hidden and indirect charges. We have been working with homeowners and project managers for years and we never let them down.

Feel free to contact Lawn Care Cedar Rapids through phone calls if you have questions about yard maintenance. You can book an appointment with us and our customer-friendly assistants will guide you all the way.

Even after completing each project, our lawn care technicians will give you some tips on how to take good care of your lawn properly. Fill out our online form for more prompt responses from us.

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